A lead drives by and sees your For Sale or For Rent sign on your retail shopping center or office building, they try calling for information on that property and nothing…

On second thought, lets text that same number, oh wait… It’s your office line. Well, that’s a lost lead.

With Real Contact, that client can now call or text that same number, our concierge will respond within 90 seconds, 24/7! In addition to being the first responder to your leads, our services include:

  1. Custom Real Estate Lead Sources
    We support virtually any lead source, whether generating leads from loopnet, CoStar, print campaigns, Facebook ads, your CRM or any online lead source, our concierge have you covered.
  2. Intelligent Text Messages
    Setup as many custom, intelligent text keywords as you’d like. Add keywords to your online ads, print marketing, signage or anywhere and really track your ROI
  3. Voicemail Text Back
    Receive a call from a lead? Can’t answer? Don’t worry, our concierge will step right in and engage with your lead until you are free
  4. Follow up Campaigns
    Lead doesn’t respond to our first attempt? Don’t worry; we continue to follow up with your lead for 90 days until we re-engage them
  5. Ringless Voicemail
    Maximize contact opportunities by utilizing our voicemail drop campaigns. In addition to sending messages, we engage the lead by leaving voicemails personalized by you!
  6. Appointment setting
    Let our concierge set up appointments with your leads. Don’t want appointments set? Don’t worry; you can turn off appointment setting anytime
  7. Concierge Hours
    Don’t want our concierge to engage your leads during a certain time of the day? Not a problem, you can set their working hours in real time


How do you get started?

  1. Step 1
    Sign up for your 14 day Free Trial. No credit card is required
  2. Step 2
    Schedule 15 minutes with one of our onboarding specialist. We’ll funnel your leads from all your lead sources or CRM into our system
  3. Step 3
    Set up your custom scripts. Supply our concierge with as much information about your business, lead sources or listings, so they can better qualify your leads
  4. Step 4
    See the conversations real time with our native iOS and Google play apps. Step in and claim that lead anytime from our concierge for a seamless transition

How Better Engagement Can Improve My Business?

Leads Per Year:
Your Conversion Rate: ?Your conversion rate is multiplied by the amount of leads generated per year.
Average Home Price In Your

Your Yearly Commission
Potential Revenue Increase With Better Engagement Using Real Contact
20% engagement
50% engagement
80% engagement