Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limitations to the conversations that concierge can have?

Yes. The limitations are different per industry. We follow the guidelines for an “unlicensed assistant.” For example; our concierge managing real estate conversations cannot discuss anything related to price & terms of the sale.

How do you handle non-responsive leads?

All non-responsive leads go into a follow-up campaign. Once they respond to one of our messages, they go back into your “active lead” folder, you will then get a notification on your phone that they have been re-engaged.

Can I mass text leads?

No, We don’t spam your leads. We want to make sure we try & re-engage your lead and not send mass texts out. This ultimately will help you convert more deals knowing the conversation is tailored toward them and not just a random text being sent out.

How do I know if my lead is contacted?

Once you log in to the Real Contact portal or application, you are able to preview any communication that was completed with the lead. You can also claim it at any point to take over the conversation.

How are the leads organized?

There are folders on our Real Contact portal and mobile app. You will be able to access your leads & sort them through both.

Does Real Contact try and re-engage older leads?

Yes, Our goal is to convert your lead so you can spend time doing what you do best & sell.

Can I add my own leads or older clients manually?

Yes, you can add them individually and they would go toward your month lead count. Once those leads respond to our text, our concierge will engage in a conversation with them.

Are you really 24/7 365?

We sure are! Our concierge are all U.S Based & working 24 hours a day for you. We’re ready to convert your leads and help you increase your business revenue.

My lead did not hit the system?

As in any software, there sometimes are issues. Please use the “report a bug” feature on your web or mobile app. We will look into it immediately and figure out why it did not enter the system and get that fixed.

Do you work with corporate accounts?

Yes. Our corporate accounts require enterprise level pricing & a dedicated account manager. Contact us for an account manager to provide the best solution for your business.

What happens if a client doesn’t respond to the text?

We always recommend reaching out to them via the phone & sending them an email in addition. If they don’t respond to our second text, they then are sent to our follow up campaign for our concierge to attempt to reengage them.

Can I add multiple lead sources?

Absolutely, The more the better! Contact your account rep to determine the next steps. Each source requires a different setup but with our advanced technology, we’ll make it easy to get them all in our system.

How soon does your concierge team text the leads?

Within 90 seconds. We understand how important is it to make immediate contact, our vetted concierge are also aware of that and will make sure to engage your lead immediately.

If I have specific questions I want to ask, can I have your concierge team ask them?

Yes, however, certain questions depending on your industry cannot be asked. Ex; if you are a real estate agent, our concierge cannot engage in any conversations related to price & terms of the sale.

Do you integrate with my current CRM?

Yes, we’d require you to set up a forwarding rule with your CRM to your specific Real Contact email.

I do not see my industry on your site. Can you still work with me?

Typically yes. It depends on the industry, questions, and scripts. Feel free to sign up using our “other” industry & see if we can accommodate your business.

If I don’t want concierge to work 24 hours a day, can I limit the hours they work?

Absolutely! Once you sign up, you can pick & choose which hours you want to set our concierge to work. Typically speaking, our users leave them on 24 hours a day.

What happens when I go over my monthly lead count?

You will automatically be upgraded to the next plan for that particular month. Moving forward, you will be billed for what you signed up with. You will ONLY be upgraded to the next plan if you exceed the number of leads coming in.

I have a team, how can you work with a team of people?

You can choose to have one phone number for the team or multiple phone numbers. It depends on how you would like to structure the account. Contact us to have an account manager reach out to you and figure the best solution.

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