Our Services & Features

Real Contact offers users an exceptional user experience, in-depth analytics and one-of-a-kind features to make your lead conversion easier and more effective.

Impressive Feature Set

Below, you’ll learn more about working with the Real Contact interface and how our unique services and features help you bolster more sales and a better customer service experience for your clients.

Follow-up Campaigns

We continue to follow up with unresponsive leads for up to ONE year! We’ll never let a lead slip through the cracks.

Voicemail Text Back

Missed a lead’s call? Not to worry, our concierge will step right in until you’re free!

Intelligent Text Message

Create a unique keyword using your Real Contact number. Supply our concierge the information about that keyword and they’ll get to work!

Voicemail Drops

Want to leave a ringless voicemail? Record the voicemail through the application and we’ll drop it to your leads voicemail box. (Coming soon)

Sign Riders

Go beyond the auto-text. Our concierge will qualify your listing leads!

ROI Tracking

Track your online, print and listing leads all through our app. Maximize conversion by putting your marketing dollars where it works.


Powerful & User Friendly

Real Contact was designed with you in mind. We offer website applications, iPad applications and mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.

See How We Work

Real Contact is an immersive and unique lead qualification experience. See a live look at how we help you qualify, convert and nurture leads from virtually any source.

Real Contact was founded by a passionate, forward-thinking team with roots in real estate, mortgage and technology. We understand the value and importance of effective and concise lead qualification and are excited to show you and your team more about how we provide exceptional service.

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