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Since having implemented Real Contact into my business I have been able to really focus on helping my serious clients. There are moments in my busy day that I will receive a “hot lead” while I'm in the field showing houses, putting together a contract, or at the closing table and I just don't have time to IMMEDIATELY respond to my new “hot lead.” That's business I would be missing out on! Their text based system has helped me to convert more of my leads and has allowed me to not get so distracted. I use multiple platforms for online lead generation and the Real Contact system has been able to handle all the different sources. The website and app on my phone are user friendly and easy to navigate. If I ever have a question or concern the level of customer service provided is phenomenal, and always very quick to respond. If you're looking to improve the way you run your business I highly recommend the Real Contact system!

Brittany Duey, Realtor - JP & Associates

I recently introduced Real Contact as a preferred vendor to our 1,200 Realtors. In the last 3 months Real Contact has become an active part of our vendor community, hosting monthly webinars on best practices as well as best practices in lead conversion as a whole. They have also attended in-house trainings and supported our Brokerage as being a part of our Annual Sales Meeting & Awards Event. The feedback we are receiving from our Agents is great, Real Contact has allowed them to ensure all of their leads are contacted immediately, and have that continuous follow up we have always preached as a brokerage in order to convert their leads at a high level. Real Contact has a dedicated client success team that offers a terrific on-boarding process, and continued support throughout their subscription. My agents have immediately seen higher lead engagements which has led to higher conversions of their leads, increasing their overall ROI. In addition, they offer my agents a promo code which allows for our brokerage to receive exclusive discounts outside of standard consumer pricing. As we continue to grow our brokerage, I highly recommend using Real Contact to all my Agents as it allows them to focus on what they do best, which is sell homes and have Real Contact focus on getting them in front of more interested and qualified buyers & sellers.

JP Piccinini, JP & Associates

HomePath Lending has been able to free up loan officer resources by trusting that Real Contact's concierge team closely monitors and replies to our hottest, new leads. It's been great to not have to worry about lead follow-up and nurturing. I have also been able to secure new agent relationships by offering them this service!

Sam Hijazin, CEO - HomePath Lending

RealContact is the first company I have experienced that actually understands and helps facilitate practical follow-up. In an age where e-mail is nearly dead, RealContact leverages text message communication directly to each lead with intelligent responses to assist with the qualifying process. Highly recommend!

Jay O’Brien, Managing Partner – Re/Max Prestige

I generate over 300 leads a month. I typically go on 3-4 appointments a day. Half the time I can’t respond to my new leads in time. Real Contact takes care of that for me. After my appointments are completed, I simply log in to the app and take over!

Evan Balsis, Harcourts Premier Properties

“I work on a Real Estate team in Oregon where the market is one of the worst in the country for inventory so everything has to happen at a quicker pace. 2 years ago we discovered a hole in our team that needed to be filled. We needed someone who could be our concierge. We found a company who offered around the clock service and were thrilled. It had its issues. It was suppose to be human base but it seemed more robotic. It got the job down but was often embarrassing. We kept the service because it still did what we needed it to do. The company decided it was no longer going to offer that service and we were left with that hole again. I had to scramble to find another company. I was referred to a couple that just didn’t make sense to me. I came across Real Contact and it literally spoke to me. The test feature was really great. I couldn’t believe the difference in the quality of the conversation they where having with me. I asked some pretty tough questions. I then got in touch with Deanna and she answered all of my questions. Got me started with a free trial and our team is so incredibly impressed. They offer so much value. We even call Jesse (the concierge) our MVP. This company’s prices were very similar and offered so much more. It is more than a concierge. They are an important part of our team and our everyday operations. I love how we can fully trust them to have quality conversations and we do not have to babysit them. They go above and beyond to answer the questions of the leads as they are allowed. It really is like having your very own assistant. And the support team and Tyler are outstanding. Coming from another company, you get so use to that process. Change can be scary. He completely listened to all of my feedback and they are so open to making the transition as easy as possible. It was outstanding. It really feels like we have an entire team behind our team who have the same goal. What I like best is the creator is/was a Realtor so he knows what we need! I 100% recommend Real Contact to anyone who needs that extra support and the assurance your clients will be well taken care of when you are not always available. They are so open to ideas as well! We are so glad we found them!!!”

Oregon Real Estate Team, Key Realty Group

Finally, a company that got it right! I signed up for Real Contact a few months ago. I have seen an immediate impact in my business. You can tell this company was designed for sales people and real estate agents, and the background of the staff came from sales, not all technology. Real Contact takes the time to learn and understand my business; they train their concierge on how to handle our precious leads. The results speak for themselves. The platform is indispensable for anyone in sales. I have my office using them. I would see immediate value having Real Contact become an approved supplier; I think RE/MAX needs this technology to help us convert more leads and also help us recruit agents by offering this as an incentive.

Sammer Mudawar, REMAX Broker/Owner