Did you know consumers expect a response within 2 minutes when inquiring online? Don't let your competitor capture your business. See how better engagement can improve your business below.

Leads Per Year:
Your Conversion Rate: ?Your conversion rate is multiplied by the amount of leads generated per year.
Average Home Price In Your

Average Price is $250,000 re Zillow
Your Yearly Commission
Potential Revenue Increase With Better Engagement Using Real Contact
20% engagement
50% engagement
80% engagement

What Makes Real Contact Different?

We’re big on numbers! How else can you monitor your business? Track and view all your lead sources, see which leads convert more and which you may want to throw on the back burner.

Our concierge will schedule in person or phone appointments, whichever you choose.  Track which lead sources convert better than others by seeing how many appointments were set by our concierge.

Conversion Rates
Who said tracking conversion rates was hard? Track it all and watch your business grow while our concierge continues to engage & qualify your leads.

Real-Time Notifications
Yep, we have apps, both on Google Play and the Apple App stores. Get real-time notifications of the conversation happening live with our concierge and your lead. Step in at any point and talk to your lead directly, or let our concierge vet them out for you.

Why Have Concierge On Your Team?

52% of leads preferred to talk to a client coordinator first because they didn’t feel pressured.

Powered By Real Humans Based Only In The United States

People touch every lead, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Follow, track & claim your leads anytime! Real time updates on every conversation.

Unresponsive Leads Are Nurtured

We help convert unresponsive leads by using our friendly, follow-up campaign which allows us to attempt to re-engage your leads.

Your Leads Are Safe And Extremely Confidential

We know you care deeply about your leads privacy and data security. That’s why we partnered with AWS, to ensure the utmost client privacy and security policies.

We Book Appointments On Approved Leads

Once the lead is ready to preview, you can claim the lead and or let our concierge make the appointment for you. A calendar invite is sent to you and your client.

 Your Branded Team

Assign our concierge any name to be an extension of your team. We work for you!

Our Concierges Are Empowered For Success

We give our concierge all the tools they need to help increase the conversation ratios. Our concierge are all trained by experts in the industry to help enhance the client’s experience.

What’s More Effective – Text, Email or Calls?

98% of text messages are opened compared to 20% of emails.
76% of Millennials prefer to receive texts over calls from companies because texts are more convenient and on their own schedule.
45% of text messages receive a response compared to 6% of emails.

Lead Expected Response Times

Instant Response 49%
Less Than 30 Minutes 29%
Less Than 1 Hour 16%
Less Than 2 Hours 4%
Less Than 4 Hours 2%
Same Day 0%
More Than 24 Hours 0%

Actual Lead Response Times

Instant Response 8%
Less Than 30 Minutes 7%
Less Than 1 Hour 11%
Less Than 2 Hours 17%
Less Than 4 Hours 24%
Same Day 13%
More Than 24 Hours 10%

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What Our Users Are Saying

Since having implemented Real Contact into my business I have been able to really focus on helping my serious clients. There are moments in my busy day that I will receive a “hot lead” while I’m in the field showing houses, putting together a contract, or at the closing table and I just don’t have time to IMMEDIATELY respond to my new “hot lead.” That’s business I would be missing out on!…

Brittany Duey

JP & Associates Realtors

I generate over 300 leads a month. I typically go on 3-4 appointments a day. Half the time I can’t respond to my new leads in time. Real Contact takes care of that for me. After my appointments are completed, I simply log in to the app and take over!

Evan Balsis

Harcourts Premier Properties

RealContact is the first company I have experienced that actually understands and helps facilitate practical follow-up. In an age where e-mail is nearly dead, RealContact leverages text message communication directly to each lead with intelligent responses to assist with the qualifying process. Highly recommend!

Jay O’Brien

Managing Partner – Re/Max Prestige

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